Live captioning for all your events

We are expert providers of verbatim realtime captioning onsite and remotely to your tablet or laptop. Our stenographer service will capture every word as it is spoken with 99% accuracy. Make your business event and teleconference calls more accessible to those with a hearing loss or second language speakers with the best quality live captioning. Get a transcription of your event and maximise your marketing possibilities. Increase the profitability of your company by becoming more diverse, accessible, and attractive to consumers and employees.

Our complementary services for those with hearing loss enhance the hearing experience; offline captioning, transcription, notetakers for students, proofreading, lipspeakers, deaf equality and awareness training, acoustic hushboards, and professional lip reading services.

Our clients include blue chip corporates, conference organisers, employees and students with a hearing loss. We caption events all around the world in your timezone. All we need is an internet and audio connection to you.

Benefit from our ten years of expertise in remote captioning with a stenographer hand-picked for you: contact us today.