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Captioning services: How we work

At 121 Captions we pride ourselves that our live captioning services make a difference. Not just to employees, students and other individuals who have hearing loss, but also to the organisations – businesses and universities – who we work with.

Our live captioning services team have over 20 years’ experience working with deaf people, and with organisations looking to make their events or services accessible.

How do live captioning services work?

Imagine sitting at a conference or meeting with your laptop, tablet or smartphone. A microphone picks up the speech and relays it to our captioner, who types it word-for-word at up to 250 words per minute using a phonetic keyboard. The text appears on your screen with just one second time delay. That’s our live captioning service – speedy, accurate, value for money.

Our live captioning services use the only caption-streaming platform that places captions on top of your PowerPoint slides or YouTube video, so you only need one screen.

Humans only need apply

Our live captioning services use only accredited, professional human captioners to give you much more accurate captioning than any automatic speech recognition technology can manage.

DDA compliance

Captioning services: What we do

Live captioning at work

Live captioning services make your meetings, events, conferences and calls accessible not only to clients and colleagues who are deaf, but also those who are non-native English speakers. Captioning services make good business sense.

Live captioning for education

We work in collaboration with DSA to open up education to some of the 45,000+ deaf young people in the UK. Live captioning services enable ‘deaf students’ to become simply ‘students’, and share the same learning opportunities as their peers.

Subtitles / Offline captioning

Trained by the BBC, our subtitlers open up your videos to deaf and hearing impaired viewers via closed or open captions.

Digital Assembly

Captioning services

Remote live captioning services

121 captioners stream live captions from your lecture, seminar or meeting over the internet direct to your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

On-site live captioning services

A 121 captioner brings all the equipment needed to caption your event at your venue.

Teleconference captioning services

Whether it’s a telecon, a webinar or a Skype call our captioners can dial in and stream live captions to you with barely one second time delay.

Electronic notetaking

Live captioning services in summary form. This is ideal for non-native speakers, sign language users or to use as meeting minutes.


Our captioning services deliver free transcriptions direct to your email as soon as captioning finishes. Or you can choose professionally-edited transcripts of everything from meetings to podcasts.