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Become a 121 Captions Partner

Benefit from Quality Focused Captioning

We believe every individual deserves equal employment opportunities. Use captioning services for your deaf and hard-of-hearing employees. Give them the chance to develop their careers and positively impact your bottom line.

The support we provide helps you make the most out of every business opportunity and create opportunities where none existed before.

121 Captions is the UK’s most respected live captioning company. We specialise in providing live captioning for events in any location in the world using the internet. Streaming live captions to your client’s or employee’s computer screen, just like subtitles on TV.

We provide:

  • Access to the fastest captioning service in the world
  • Innovative captioning on top of your PowerPoint slides
  • Captioning in multiple languages

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Create an environment of acceptance and possibility

Earn referral fees

Add value to your customers

Why Join 121 Captions Partner Program?

  • Work with a company that focuses on creating a healthier and more accepting world
  • Make a positive impact in the work environment
  • Take pride in being involved with a company that focuses on improving the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people
  • Benefit from positive press coverage
  • Attract and retain investors by demonstrating that your company cares about more than just profits
  • Earn commission on referrals

121 Captions Partner Program Offering

Complementary services offered to your employees

  • Deaf awareness and deaf equality training
  • Acoustic hushboard panels
  • Access audits

What you need to know

  • There is no joining fee
  • You can cancel your partnership with us at any time
  • To become a partner you must comply with and accept our program terms and conditions
  • You’ll earn a referral fee on all successful sales – paid at the end of each quarter

How 121 Captions Partner Program works:

  • Fill in the Partner Program application form
  • Your application will be reviewed within 72 working hours
  • You’ll then receive an email notifying you of your acceptance status

Become a 121 Captions Partner today

If you have any questions about the 121 Captions Partner Program, feel free to email us at and a consultant will contact you.

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