About 121 Captions

121 Captions are the UK experts in captioning:

  • events
  • meetings
  • conference calls
  • TV and video, and
  • seminars and lectures

Both on-site and remotely.

We help businesses and organisations to make their events, training and workplaces more accessible. We also help people with hearing loss to access the same services and facilities as their hearing peers. To find out more, contact us.

121 Captions is owned and run by deaf and hearing-impaired people who know first-hand the ease of access, and benefits to business, that proper captioning provides.

The business grew from the need to have easier access to live captioning. Founder and director, Tina Lannin discovered how hard it was to get good communication support while at university and during her career. She felt strongly that the time and money captioners incurred travelling to support her could be better spent. Instead she envisaged an online captioning system where captioners worked remotely streaming captions of calls securely across the internet, followed by a transcript as soon as the call finished.

So, Tina established 121 Captions with a mission to do just that, using the best captioners and the most innovative technology. Our core team at 121 Captions includes court reporters and captioners, professional lip readers, certified lipreading teachers, deaf awareness trainers and sign language interpreters.

We also work with a hand-picked, international network of over 300 professionally-qualified captioners, all of whom are registered and accredited by internationally-recognised professional associations.

121 Captions are approved suppliers to blue-chip companies, top universities, government departments and not-for-profit organisations, including:

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Our client testimonials show how we have helped individuals and businesses all over the world. Our work has been featured in publications such as The Telegraph, BBC News and ITV News. Read about 121 Captions in the news.

To find out more about how 121 Captions can support you as an individual or organisation, contact us.

Meet the team


Tina Lannin


Tina is the founder of 121 Captions and leads her team with the benefit of her lifelong experience as a captioning consumer. Tina has degrees in business, Japanese, and careers guidance in higher education.

Tamara Cunningham

Bookings and Sales Manager

As part of the Bookings and Sales teams, I have responsibility for ensuring all incoming booking requests and enquiries are dealt with efficiently and accurately. Since joining 121 Captions, I have learned so much about the challenges and difficulties our hard of hearing users have previously had to face in their everyday roles and as a result I am passionate about ensuring each and every booking goes well, so everyone gets the access they deserve! No two days are the same and I love this and enjoy how busy and varied my role is. When our clients receive the access and highest level of support they deserve, I am happy knowing we have done what we at 121 Captions do best!

Maha Fodeh

Maha Fodeh

Middle East Operations Officer

Maha is based in Kuwait. She gained an insight to the Middle East way of thinking by living and working there all of her life. Maha has a background in BioMedical Sciences and medical sales. She is bilingual in English and Arabic.

Nadine Ardati

Nadine Ardati

Middle East Sales Administrator

Nadine is a qualified New Zealand Sign Language Interpreter with a decade of experience working in the UK as an interpreter, student communication support worker, and personal assistant - both on-site and remote. She is fluent in Arabic and has a deep understanding of the culture, having been born and raised in Lebanon.

Lesley Kiddell-Spencer

Lesley Kiddell-Spencer

Business Consultant

Lesley has been working in the pan disability field all her life. She has a wealth of knowledge about issues affecting people who are either BSL users or who recently became deaf. Lesley is a native sign language user and has experience in delivering training from high level professionals to those who need it for communication only. For 9 years, she was CEO of an organisation covering services to all people with any kind of hearing loss, including children.

Mark Shrimpton

Mark Shrimpton

Disability Consultant

Mark can advise you on making your business accessible to disabled people, recruiting and retaining talented disabled employees, and ensuring you comply with disability laws. He was Chair of Assist UK, which advises on assistive technology for social care support, and is lead judge at the National Diversity Awards. He was responsible for the award-winning Disability Rights Commission Helpline and many other multi-million pound service and disability-related contracts. Mark is a fee paid member of the Judiciary, sitting in the Social Entitlement Chamber.