Access to Work deaf services

access to work deaf services

Take back control and never miss a word

If you’re booking communication support for the workplace, you may be eligible for funding from the government funded Access to Work scheme.

Get a free demo and experience the difference of instant, word-for-word captioning. Take back control by deciding how fast you want the captioning to arrive on your screen.

Captioning converts audio content into text form, allowing you to follow group discussions, helping you understand what’s being said as it is being said.

121 Captions is the better service to act as your Access to Work deaf support. We offer ATW clients a 10% discount on our usual captioning rates. We’re not the cheapest, but we are the most experienced and deliver the highest quality.

Let us prove our business worth to you and help you remove the barriers to communication.

I’ve had severe to profound hearing loss since birth. I think being deaf can really restrict your employment and career prospects, especially in fields where information is passed around verbally.

The Access to Work scheme has been great. It funded all the support I needed, and made it easier for the company too, as they wouldn’t have had a clue what to provide.

Captioning is vital for me as it enables me to do my job effectively. Having 121 Captions’ remote captioning service allows me to access the support in a more flexible manner and not worry that it won’t be available when I really need it. I think that remote captioning is transforming access for deaf people.

– Alistair Appleby, Assistive Technology practitioner, Optalis, England

Highest quality captioning and deaf expertise

121 Captions offers captioning both on-site and remotely. Owned and run by deaf and hard of hearing people who know first-hand what you need.

  • Access to trained professionals
  • Experienced and accredited speech to text reporters and stenographic captioners
  • Remote and on-site live notetakers
  • Confidentiality assured
  • Available 24/7 in 30 languages
  • Money back guarantee
  • Immediate access to transcripts

Access to Work Deaf Support Scheme

Our Access to Work Deaf Support Scheme supplies captioners who are deaf aware and understand deaf voices.

  • Only one captioner is required for remote work.
  • Available to work onsite, using 1 or 2 captioners depending on the agenda.
  • Captioners working onsite require a 10 minute break for every hour worked.
  • Stenographers write up to 350 words per minute.
  • Instant captioning: captions stream in less than one second to your laptop or tablet.
  • We can caption on top of PowerPoint slides and any other visuals. Only one screen and projector is needed.
  • Our captioning platform allows you to highlight, bold, underline and change font colours for specific words.
  • Captions delivered to web broadcasting tools such as YouTube, Adobe, WebEx, Uvision.
  • Available on all devices including Kindle and Google Glass.
  • Secure and encrypted captions streaming

Try our free demonstration to experience the freedom of instant, word-for-word captioning today.