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Our ambassadors are people who inspire and motivate people to understand more about managing their hearing loss well. What makes them so special is they are living with hearing loss and you can benefit from their experience. They can enrich your life and help living with hearing loss to be a better experience.

The team at 121 Captions is led by Tina Lannin, who is deaf herself, so we know and understand what living with hearing loss is like. We live it every day.

You can apply to join the 121 Captions Ambassadors Scheme if you have experience of hearing loss and would like to make a real difference to others living with hearing loss. To find out more about the benefits of joining our Ambassadors Scheme, contact us.

Lisa Caldwell

In 2005 I lost the hearing in my right ear overnight. There in the evening, gone the next morning. To be replaced with vertigo and tinnitus that sounded like someone’s wellies being pulled out of mud.

Having had perfect hearing for the first 30 or so years of my life, this was a bit of a shock, and meant a lot of adjustment in my work and home life.

Since then I‘ve developed severe/profound hearing loss in my left ear. For those who aren’t audiologists it equates to me having about 25% of my hearing left.

I understand how even losing just a small amount of your hearing can have a huge impact on your life at work, your relationships and your hobbies. I set up The Hearing Coach to use my experience of a decade of hearing loss to help others who find themselves in this new and confusing world.