Testimonials : Live captioning

Ernst Young

I’ve been deaf since birth and am not completely comfortable using the phone as I can only get around 70% of what’s being said. We do a lot of conference calls as we are a global firm. This has always been difficult for me due to varying quality of sound and different accents.

I use 121 Captions’ speech-to-text captioning service and it has been invaluable in helping me with conference calls. it complements and confirms what I’m hearing so that I get the full picture.

— Senior Tax Manager, Ernst & Young LLP

Al Jazeera

You’ve been a great help, we’ll certainly be in touch again.

— Al Jazeera, Qatar


Rave reports about how brilliant you were

— Sky News

Techshare Middle East 2014

My thanks to 121 Captions for delivering a quality captioning service to our major conference in Qatar. They helped make the proceedings and discussion truly accessible to deaf people attending, allowing them to fully engage with the content.

– David Banes, Qatar

Association of Train Operating Companies

A huge thanks to your captioner for the conference meeting today. She was able to catch up really quickly after being given the wrong phone number to log on the conference call. The quality of the captions was absolutely excellent, I’m amazed! Thank you again.

– Consultant, Association of Train Operating Companies, England

Department for Education

I was very impressed with the captioning service, which enabled me to follow all of the conference speeches.

– Department for Education, England

Stellenbosch University

I have two cochlear implants and I am studying an Honours in Genetics this year.

121 Captions is a service provided that produces a live transcription of a class or conference whereby the person who needs the live transcription can read what it happening on his/her cell phone/tablet/laptop.

Currently, 121 Captions have been assisting me with my lectures every day since the beginning of April.  As I listen to my lecturer, I read the live transcription from my cell phone, although a tablet is more ideal.

Without 121 assisting me, I wouldn’t have been able to fully understand my lectures as I tend to miss out when I listen. I also can’t remember things when I hear it, which makes it even more difficult. I am therefore able to remember everything I read, thus 121 also provides the transcription of the lecture at the end of the day for me to read in my own time and to study from.

It is one of the best services I have encountered, not only for people with a hearing disability but for anyone who needs a transcription of a class, lecture, conference or even a board meeting. Thank you 121 Captions for assisting me!

— Student, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

University of Westminster

Remote captioning is a brilliant invention! In the past I used to sit in meetings and workshops completely lost and having no idea what is going on. Now I know same time than anyone else what is been talked in meetings and what has been decided instead of waiting for meeting minutes for weeks. Nowadays I feel more part of the team, and I think my colleagues are happier as well knowing that I don’t feel excluded anymore.

– Library Information Assistant, University of Westminster, England

Unboxed Consulting

Having been at a crossroad of deciding between a role that suits my hearing or one I’m passionate about, I chose not to limit myself. I took the leap and found a great Agile company. But the challenge certainly didn’t end there. Missing out details when lipreading started to have an impact on my functioning in this fast changing IT world. Using 121 Captions enabled me to overcome this. They understand the flexibility you need as a consultant and customise their service together with you.

– Scrum Master, Unboxed Consulting, London, England

Cardiff University

121 Captions worked very hard and at short notice to get me remote captions during my graduation ceremony when I received my MSc. The captions were also streamed directly to a second iPad for my mother, who is profoundly deaf too. We were both able to relax and both enjoy full access to the ceremony, which I think is a first for us in an educational event. I cannot thank 121 Captions enough for making it possible for me to be included at my graduation, and also for making it possible for me to obtain my supervised practice.

– Student, MSc Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour, Cardiff University School of Medicine, Wales

Flint House Police Rehabilitation Centre

I am totally deaf, having lost my hearing suddenly, over 40 years ago. My work often involves group meetings and training sessions etc., and I have always struggled with these, as I cannot follow what is being said, especially if the speaker is not facing me directly. Although I have used electronic note taking support in the past, I have been using 121 Captions’ remote captioning service for the past year or so. This has proved to be a great improvement, negating the need, and expense, for an onsite communicator. It is an extremely valuable service helping me to keep up and follow meetings. Additionally, the transcripts provided also prove useful as an aid for preparing minutes for future meetings. I cannot recommend the service from 121 Captions highly enough.

– The Police Rehabilitation Centre, England

Associated Press

Thanks once again for your incredible help – it really was a tremendous transcript you provided to us.

– The Associated Press

Tv4 Sweden

Terrific! Thank you so much! Hope to work with you again!

– TV4 Sweden

The Sunday Times

I have always found Tina to be extremely professional, with copy arriving just as ordered. To newspapers, deadlines are extremely important on busy news days, and 121 Captions know how to deliver on a tight schedule. Brilliant stuff.

— David Collins, Deputy Insight Editor at Sunday Times and News Reporter of the Year 2012, England

Daily Mirror

Great work. Exactly what I asked for. Well done.

— Daily Mirror, England

The captioning was exceptional and excellent. Almost as if the person was in the very same room. Please convey my thanks to the captioner in Kansas.

– Deafway, Isle of Man


I’ve had severe to profound hearing loss since birth. I think being deaf can really restrict your employment and career prospects, especially in fields where information is passed around verbally.

The Access to Work scheme has been great. It funded all the support I needed, and made it easier for the company too, as they wouldn’t have had a clue what to provide.

Captioning is vital for me as it enables me to do my job effectively. Having 121 Captions’ remote service allows me to access the support in a more flexible manner and not worry that it won’t be available when I really need it. I think that remote captioning is transforming access for deaf people.

Assistive Technology practitioner, Optalis, England

Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust121 Captions has transformed my professional life. As a project manager for sculpture park my work is very wide ranging and often involves a lot of jargon based technical planning and artist selection discussions with national experts. The art world often operates in a very last minute way and one of the key advantages of using the 121 service is they often are able to provide their service at short notice and I can book them for short meetings. Previously, I would have to book support workers months in advance and commit to several hours regardless of whether I needed it. When I look to the future of my career, I now think I can travel the world, because I can take 121 with me. It’s opened new possibilities and ambitions that did not exist for me before.

– Project Manager, Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust, England

Testimonials : Training

HM Revenue & Customs

The trainer skilfully introduced us to the deaf world, showing us the difficulties and also the amazing skill of deaf people as they communicate through lip reading, signing and concentrated hearing. My awareness went from a 3 to a 10! Great course.

– HM Revenue & Customs

Crown Prosecution Service

At a recent National Disability Conference your training was mentioned and heralded as a great success.

– Crown Prosecution Service

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Fascinating and thought provoking session.

– Foreign Office

Cabinet Office

Everyone should undertake this training.

– Cabinet Office

Guys St Thomas NHS

Good balance, the trainers were all very effective (including Hearing Dog Smudge!).

– Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital London

The Prince's Trust

This course will definitely help me as a future social worker and it made me think the terminology I should be using when writing a report as well as communicating with someone that finds it difficult to hear. Taught me that it is important to treat people as an individual and not to generalise.

– Trainee social worker, The Princes Trust

Cancer Research UK

The “deaf coffee break” where we all wore hearing aids was amazingly insightful to understand the daily reality of being deaf. The demonstration of the hearing of someone with hearing loss was also very eye opening.

– Cancer Research UK

University of London

Tina is an excellent trainer and it was very useful indeed. The most useful parts were the lip reading activities and the role play.

– University of London, England

Royal Society of Medicine

You were an extraordinarily successful presenter.

– The Royal Society of Medicine

Chartered Institute Of Linguists

Wonderful atmosphere – excellent learning environment.

– The Chartered Institute of Linguists

London Deanery

Having a tutor who has experienced deafness and the use of an implant really adds to my understanding.

– London Deanery, NHS England

NHS Yorkshire and the Humber

A very informative course and the fact that it was presented by people who had hearing impairment and therefore understood first hand from the personal aspect what the difficulties are for patients was an added bonus.

– Yorkshire & Humber Deanery, NHS England

Northumbrian Water

My uncle is blind so I have had a lot of dealing with blindness and being an avid reader I believed losing my sight would be a lot worse than losing my hearing, you have taught me that isn’t so. The deaf blindness course has spurred me on to offer to volunteer and take up more interest in how I can help people.

– Northumbrian Water, England

Lancashire Fire and Rescue service

All very informative and open – made me more aware of importance of protecting my own hearing and how to act around deaf people who are hard of hearing. I will be recommending this course.

– Fire Officer, Lancashire Fire and Rescue, England

London Metropolitan Archives

Now I have the problem that staff expect all the training courses to be as informative and entertaining.

– London Metropolitan Archives

Sanctuary Supported Living

It was the best most interactive and interesting training I have ever been on. I discussed it all night with my family and have been talking about it this morning.

– Dementia Adviser, Sanctuary Supported Living