Captions for business

Are you missing out at work because you don’t use live captioning?

Whether you’re an organisation, or an employee struggling to hear, live captioning from 121 Captions makes business sense.

Captions for business

Hearing loss affects more than 360 million people in the world. Chances are you work with some of them. And with people living and working longer we’re already seeing an increase in older employees, who have quite natural age-related hearing loss. How do you make sure you’re complying with discrimination laws and providing equal access for your staff and clients?

Live captioning from 121 Captions makes your meetings, events, conferences and calls accessible to clients and colleagues who are deaf or hard of hearing. With live captions for business events from 121 Captions:

  • Your training and conferences are accessible to all – clients and staff
  • Your deaf staff are fully involved in meetings and training
  • The cost of live captioning for employees may be covered by government funding such as Access to Work
  • You have an easy solution to retain valuable, older staff who have hearing loss
  • You give easier access to teleconferences and meetings for non-native English speakers
  • Your employees and clients get the added benefit of a transcript of the live captioning
  • Your speakers and trainers can also get a transcript to review the session and their delivery style.

Captions for employees

  • Live captioning allows you to understand and participate fully in meetings, training and seminars
  • Never worry again about teleconferences where callers dial in from cars, trains, or busy streets, or deciphering a range of accents from around the world
  • You get a transcript of the live captioning session as soon as the event or call has ended; an aide memoire for you and your colleagues.

To find out more about how live captions for business events can add value to your business communications, contact us.

Case study: Sarah, senior tax manager, Ernst & Young LLP

‘I’ve been deaf since birth and am not completely comfortable using the phone as I can only get around 70 per cent of what’s being said. We do a lot of conference calls as we are a global firm. This has always been difficult for me due to varying quality of sound and different accents.

I use 121 Captions’ speech to text captioning service and it has been invaluable in helping me with conference calls. It complements and confirms what I’m hearing so that I get the full picture.’

Captions for business