CART captioning demonstration

On this demonstration of our secure live CART captioning software, take a look at:

  • The speed and accuracy of our steno captioning
  • The option to write private messages to the captioner
  • The flexible formatting of the screen – click the icon at the top right  CART captioning
  • The automatic transcript sent to your inbox – click the icon at the top right  CART captioning

Your screen can stream the captions to a full screen, with or without a chat box or notes box.  The notes box is disabled in the demonstration; this box sits at the bottom of the screen and saves your notes automatically.

Captions can also be streamed directly on top of your PowerPoint presentation or video in a mini window, so only one screen for captions and Powerpoint slides is needed. You can have multiple screens running in several languages simultaneously.

Like what you see? Contact us to arrange a demonstration.