Live captioning in South Africa

If you’re a student, do you find it hard to hear in lectures? Would you benefit from having live captioning of your lecture streamed to your smartphone or tablet in one second, and having a transcript immediately afterwards?

We are the first captions provider to provide live captioning services in South Africa. This is a fantastic achievement as there are so many barriers to deaf access in education, such as the lack of sign language interpreters. Real-time captioning of lectures is being very enthusiastically welcomed, it is seen as a real game-changer for deaf students.South Africa live captioning

Jody talks about live captioning

Jody, one of our clients, wrote about her experience of live captioning in the classroom;

I have two cochlear implants and I am studying an Honours in Genetics this year.

121 Captions is a service provided that produces a live transcription of a class or conference whereby the person who needs the live transcription can read what it happening on his/her cell phone/tablet/laptop.

Currently, 121 Captions have been assisting me with my lectures every day since the beginning of April. As I listen to my lecturer, I read the live transcription from my cell phone, although a tablet is more ideal.

Without 121 assisting me, I wouldn’t have been able to fully understand my lectures as I tend to miss out when I listen. I also can’t remember things when I hear it, which makes it even more difficult. I am therefore able to remember everything I read, thus 121 also provides the transcription of the lecture at the end of the day for me to read in my own time and to study from.

It is one of the best services I have encountered, not only for people with a hearing disability but for anyone who needs a transcription of a class, lecture, conference or even a board meeting. Thank you 121 Captions for assisting me!

How does live captioning work in the classroom?

Check out the video to see how live captioning is set up in the classroom and used by students. If you would like to enquire about our live captions service, contact us or email us at

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